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Regardless, however, this is a perfectly legitimate statement on the general level.

Fans of punk have always detested them as they would any prog band, but this extended far beyond normal levels of loathing; as an example, one of the staples of late 70's Sex Pistols shows was to burn life-size statues of Keith Emerson in effigy (or so the legend goes, and I really hope it's true because it's a hilarious legend).

Genesis tried to emphasize Peter Gabriel's vocals and his bizarre fantasies over the chops of the group, which were definitely fine overall but hardly in the super-elite level of the rock world.

In the Court of the Crimson King, regardless of all of the mellotrons, was extremely guitar heavy, not to mention the saxophones and other reed instruments.

Now, it's not that he was a bad player, FAR from it.

It's just that, well, he could be a bit too showoffy.

For starters, each of them was a highly talented and extremely professional musician, and even haters of the band have to give them that.

Keith Emerson, let's face it, was almost indisputably the greatest keyboardist on earth, hands down (I think he was officially given the title by some renowned magazine twenty five times in a period of thirty years).

Yes, regardless of Wakeman's presence, rotated around their amazing bassist, Chris Squire.I think I have made it sufficiently clear that ELP is not for everyone.The thing is, for the longest time I refused to give them even the slightest chance, and that's a shame, because they're really quite good!The first, and the most obvious, was the group's relatively heavy emphasis on classical music in their sound.Yes, progressive rock almost always has at least a tinge of some classical elements, but ELP's music had the greatest concentration of it in their music, BY FAR.

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A key thing to note about ELP is that, besides King Crimson, most other widely known prog rock groups weren't prog-groups from the get-go.