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Kiss goodbye to dating

My first chat with Nick by the fireplace, the bathroom I hid in when my feelings overwhelmed me, the driveway where Corinne inflated her bouncy house. I know it’s tradition for the new Bachelorette to chat with ex-Bachelorettes before the first night starts, but I already had met with Jo Jo briefly and just because something is tradition doesn’t mean it’s right for me.This time I called on my girls Whitney, Corinne, Alexis, Astrid, Jasmine, Raven and Kristina because they have known me at my best and worst and their advice is intimate.Jo Jo is as sweet and smart as she is beautiful, and knowing how she and Jordan have successfully navigated it all together made her insights priceless.Pulling up to the mansion to talk to my squad of girlfriends from Nick’s season opened up a floodgate of memories.But hitting the switch and changing from lawyer Rachel to Rachel the Bachelorette was as difficult as it was necessary to find my husband.FROM PEN: Ali Fedotowsky Admits Would ‘Definitely Support’ Her Daughter Molly If She Wants to Be The Bachelorette!

At that moment I realized one of these guys could be my future husband. I was more nervous for the cocktail party than the limos because now I had to actually talk to 30 men!

Thank God I peed before “Ticklemonster” Jonathan’s limo exit because I’m seriously ticklish.

I was already recalling the sage advice of my dear friend Alexis, “don’t judge anyone who shows up in a costume” when Matt waddled out of his limo in a penguin costume.

I never expected this journey to be something that would ever work for me.

When I first arrived at the mansion to meet Nick I was skeptical, and yet somehow found myself falling in love anyway.

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To get there I had to step away from practicing law again.

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