Paralyzing fear of dating

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Paralyzing fear of dating

It is for this reason so many have struggles with issue around intimate physical contact and seek guidance on how to last longer in bed. Have you ever gotten the cold shoulder from a woman and not known WHY?The biggest mistake men make is thinking attracting women is about WHAT you DO or SAY.In fact, attraction is about HOW you do it and WHO you are.

There are a number of reasons that men develop a fear of intimacy.If a man does not like the way that he looks, or if he feels he is not deserving of a relationship, he will not want to move forward with one.Poor self-esteem can have a serious effect on the way a man thinks, even if it may not make sense to others.It takes hold of the person and can get in the way of closeness.Poor self-esteem and self-image can affect a man’s readiness for intimacy, as well.

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