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Early exposure to sexual content in the media may have a profound impact on children’s values, attitudes and behaviors toward sex and relationships.Unfortunately, media portrayals do not always reflect the message parents want to send.The study, published in Psychological Science, found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in movies, the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual, unprotected sex.In another study, boys who were exposed to sexually explicit media were three times more likely to engage in oral sex and intercourse two years after exposure than non-exposed boys.For some people, habitual use of pornography may prompt a desire for more violent or deviant material, including depictions of rape, torture or humiliation.If people seek to act out what they see, they may be more likely to commit sexual assault, rape or child molestation.As such I have had first hand exposure to this issue" as a reason to why anyone should listen to you on the subject of whether or not being exposed to "sex" at an early age is harmful or beneficial, did you?Did it ever occur to you that these are correlations and that there is no causal effect? I think it is more likely that children exposed to porn at an early age have parents that aren't quite as "parenting" as we'd like them to be.

I want to understand how your perspective on the covered topic was derived and whether it relates to your particular professional expertise.

For most families, banning media from the home isn’t a realistic option.

After all, most 8- to 18-year-olds devote an average of seven and a half hours to media in a typical day, according to a 2009 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and more than half of that content contains sexual images or references.

In one study of 932 sex addicts, 90 percent of men and 77 percent of women reported that pornography was a factor in their addiction.

With the widespread availability of explicit material on the Internet, these problems are becoming more prevalent and are surfacing at younger ages. According to some studies, early exposure (by age 14) to pornography and other explicit material may increase the risk of a child becoming a victim of sexual violence or acting out sexually against another child.

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The point is that there are far too many factors to take into consideration when trying to decide if early exposure to sex is harmful.

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