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Shat sex u sa

Oh, by the way, consider that a trillion dollars is a thousand billion dollars and a billion dollars is a thousand million dollars. Reagan had room for plenty of government finance monkey business. Bush One, Clinton, Bush Two and Obama dug the deadfall debt trap for poor Donald and the election shoved him right into it. Gasoline may remain cheap, but won’t be able to buy the cars to run it in. Find out why investors have used them since 1972 to acquire physical gold and silver, and request free information, by visiting: .

He thinks he’s on an upper floor of his enchanted tower; he’s actually down in a pit. 11-year-old Jeff Greenaway hears his mom and dad argue one night after an office Christmas party.

Trump thinks he’s going to rebuild highways and bridges for another century of Happy Motoring — to make America like it was in 1962 forever. The bond market is poised for collapse as I write, and Trump’s money people (that is, the Goldman Sachs gang he has assembled) are talking about issuing fifty and 100 year “Build America” bonds. He infers from their garbled exchange that he is an orphan, found in a willow basket on the welcome mat outside their New York apartment.

Their nostrils must be rimed with the frost of Medellin. Thinking now that his parents are imposters, he steals away to Grand Central Station and buys a train ticket to Drakesville, Vermont, where he intends to start life all over again.

Sorry, been there, done that, that was then, this is now. For one thing, a brutal decade after the 1970 all-time US oil production peak, the Alaska North Slope fields came into full flow, along with the North Sea and Siberian fields.

The Alaska bonanza did not boost US production back to 1970 levels, but it did take the leverage away from OPEC, and it stuffed the elevated price-per-barrel back down to levels that an industrial economy could tolerate. She was not an economic magician, just the beneficiary of a brief oil boom that made Britain a net energy exporter for two decades, providing an illusion of permanent prosperity and cover for the financialization of the economy.

That battle has already had the strange consequence of disabling the oil production capacity in places like Iraq and Libya, where there is still a lot of oil, but not enough political stability to allow the complicated business of extraction and transport to take place.

The dignity of a funeral is not even on the program.

Even a modest up-bump in the Fed Funds Rate is liable to prang the orgy of corporate share buybacks fueling the eight-year bull market that many formerly sane observers think is a permanent feature of the human condition.

The bond market bull also seemed to last a lifetime and that’s gone south now, too.

Oil refineries and transport terminals are very delicate machines that require constant loving care.

It’s self-evident now that ISIL would like to control as much of the remaining oil wealth as possible — though I doubt they have the competence to run it for long even if they appear to control the terrain.

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And all that time, the world bond market couldn’t get enough of them — also till now, when big holders like China and Saudi Arabia are puking them back out. American oil companies can no longer make a buck doing their thing. That is the stealth action of Peak Oil that so many people pretend is not happening. The disappointment issuing from this dire set of circumstances is apt to be epic as Trump flounders and the furious tweets of futility waft out of the hole he’s trapped in.

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