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Other early Han writers using their own interpretations, cribbed and copied from the original texts but, under Huang-Lao influence, exhibited little further philosophical reflection.

The products of this “recovery” have also come to be thought of as Daoist texts and include the .

The concept of “Daoism” as a theme or group did not exist at the time of the Classical Daoists, but we have some reasons to suspect the communities focusing on the texts were in contact with each other.

The texts share some figurative expressions and themes, an ironic detachment from the first order moral issues so hotly debated by the Mohists and Confucians preferring a reflective, metaethical focus on the nature and development of .

All material on this site is copyright by Tao Healing Arts and Dr. Something is missing from the grocery-bought or common, regular foods. It is the time of the year for many to find the environment to be an constant annoyance, whether it is mold, pollen, pollution, for me in my are area where there is are a lot...

Yet if these inadequate or "weak" foods can support life, then... The Taoist practice pays attention to the change of seasons, which helps one stay in harmony with nature.

Quasi-supernatural cosmological speculation (five-phase theory and portentology) dominated Han thought and the intellectual lives of Chinese thinkers for four centuries.

Traditionally traced to the mythical Laozi “Old Philosopher,” Philosophical Daoism owes more to “philosopher Zhuang” (Zhuangzi) (4 Century BCE).At first, their ideologies, “Legalist” and Huang-Lao thought, dominated an impoverished intellectual life.When the Han Dynasty began trying to reconstruct China's classical history , its historians coined the term “Daoism,” probably thinking of Huang-Lao definition of philosophical Daoism could be “what Laozi and Zhuangzi taught” leaving details to interpretation.Neo-Daoist discourse practices were vehicles for the conceptually alien Buddhist ideas and Daoism probably influenced the emergence of distinctively Chinese forms of Buddhism, particularly Chan (Zen).This development so blended Neo-Daoism and Mahayana Buddhism in the intellectual consciousness that the Neo-Confucians eventually took the two to be essentially similar religious-metaphysical outlooks.

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Western scholars identify this movement as Neo-Daoist but since it fixed the enduring forms of a “traditional text” and provided the first systematic commentaries, that cosmological conception has come to dominate traditional Chinese views of Daoism.

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