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Significant support for the movement built in western Ukrainian oblasts as the severity of the unrest in Kiev grew.As a result, protesters in these regions began to seize control of the oblast governor's offices, known as regional state administration (RSA) buildings.At pm, protesters in Ivano-Frankivsk stormed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and then took over the headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).SBU staff refused to surrender the building, and rioters threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the building; all windows in the building were shattered, security bars removed, and the entrance set on fire.

A widespread movement known as 'Euromaidan' demanded closer ties with the European Union, and the ousting of President Yanukovych.Hours after protesters seized the prosecutor's office in central Lviv and forced a surrender by Interior Ministry police, the executive committee of the region council—also called the People's Rada—claimed control over the region."The regime has begun active military action against people [...] Dozens of people have been killed in Kyiv and hundreds have been wounded [...] Fulfilling the will of society, the executive committee of the Lviv region's council, the People's Rada, is assuming full responsibility for the fate of the region and its citizens" am, protesters and police in Poltava ended their standoff, reaching an agreement that the RSA would be blockaded and police would be allowed to occupy the interior, thus preventing clashes while shutting down the building.In Uzhhorod, the SBU and Berkut defected to the people, and police vowed not to execute orders.The regional council dissolved the Party of Regions with council members turning in their membership cards.

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